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Home / Issues / № 2, 2014

Dedyulina M.A.

         Albert Borgmann is an American philosopher of technology, which is different from their contemporaries and predecessors in this area that explores the nature of high technology is not theoretical and empirically.Contemporaries, reading his work, believe that he is the successor of M. Heidegger's ideas. However, the philosopher, in a recent interview, not oprovegaet this thesis.

         The main problem in his studies is to understand and appreciate a useful understanding of human interaction with technology, specially designed to help humanity avoid the adverse effects of high technology. In the works of the philosopher has suggested that up to 50-ies. 20th century technologies were created to support the well-being of people, and today we are living in a degenerate phase of technology development. Therefore researching the technology, in philosophical terms, we have to be very insightful, treats them critically and see when and under what conditions they benefit, and when the hurts. Although modern everyday attitude to technology is often equal to the acceptance of and trust in the promises of technology: namely, promise technology provides answers to most of our problems.

         Technology, in other words, promise us domination over nature. Notice of liability claims that the technology allows you to solve our Problems at the expense of the release and availability. Availability means not only, As a result of the acquisition of goods requires less effort, as well as that, They can also be purchased more easily and more immediately. Hence, today, the technology acts as a force in itself, which forms the modern society and values at zero and has no serious competitors. Unlike those who have a positive attitude towards the development of new technologies to develop a theory philosopher 'Device Paradigm', through which shows how these technologies lead to degradation in society. In this theory, it is possible to prove how technological innovations alienates us from the natural world. Under devices it implies technological machinery with things that these machines produce. The technology, which is at the core of these high technology directed primarily to capture into slavery all spheres of human activity. The Borgmanna analyzes in some detail the impact of these technologies. For example, he describes the heating system of modern houses.

         Today for this purpose, we use different types of thermostats. Therefore, when in our homes is getting cold enough to turn it on and adjust to the required temperature. Thus this technology frees people from having to collect and chop wood, as well as to maintain heat in the House with a hearth. In fact, modern technologies have freed mankind from those laid out in the nature.Previously, when a man was cold he had to work harder. Borgman is for maintaining the heat of the hearth, just illustrated the relationship of people with the natural world. With the advent of the technology world communication devices have replaced people with the natural world.

         Borgmann is concerned that the device will separate us from our interaction with the natural world, including relationships with other people. and the freedom associated with the use of technology will be filled closer interactions with machines than with people.

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