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Home / Issues / № 2, 2014


Development of a comprehensive research program loyalty of staff as internal customers of the services organizations
Makrinova E. I., Lyisenko V.V.
Improvement the quality of services is an important tool for attracting and retaining customers, ensuring their loyalty and a key success factor of tourism organization, which provides it with a sustainable competitive position in the market of tourist services and becomes an effective contribution to the development and competitiveness of the national tourist product on the international market. The results of the research that confirm that fundamental changes in the sphere of tourist services are manifested, including in the growth of international competition, have affected on the level of requirements to the quality of tourist services in the study region. In these conditions, the development of a set of measures to ensure quality of customer service in order to ensure their loyalty to tourism organization, requires the establishment of internal service standards regulating the proper form of personnel, rules of communication between staff in the presence of customers, maintenance of consumers of tourist services, etc.

            Currently, in the Belgorod region, the trend is observed to the strict requirements of professional skill of employees of tourist organizations, therefore, the role is increasing of further training, as well as receiving mixed skills. So for employees of tourist organizations, it is important to gain additional knowledge in the study of foreign languages.

Analysis of the qualifications of the employees of the tourist organizations of the Belgorod region showed that 52 % of the experts think that to have they basic education for their work is not enough, among them 68 % with higher education in tourism and 32% with secondary professional education. The next step was analyzed the core methods of training workers of the services organizations.

Survey of the staff of the tourist organizations of the Belgorod region allowed to identify the subjects on which experts in the field of tourism services would like to improve their skills. The main direction that requires additional training is an effective sales skills (45%).

The professionals which sale tourist services to the population, directly interact with customers, so they need only a high level of competence, but also to own the technique communication, that is to be able to ask targeted questions and quickly record the necessary information, as much as possible to answer the questions of the customers and satisfy their needs. It is necessary to have the internal capacity for people for establishment an emotional connection with consumers of tourist services.

It is well known that the quality of customer service is directly dependent on the level of professionalism of employees, which is determined by the intellectual potential of employees, by the level and quality of the professional education, experience in the professional sphere. In conditions of increasing customer requirements for the qualification of employees of tourist organizations, view that many employees have not specialized education, increases the need to improve their skills and to get more knowledge constantly. This is due to the fact that the staff of tourist organizations, directly interacting with customers, should not only have a high level of development of specific professional competencies associated with knowledge of tourist destinations, accommodation different countries, reservation systems and the etc., but also to own technique of communication, to establish an emotional connection with consumers of tourist services.

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