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Home / Issues / № 2, 2014

Physical education and longevity
Barabanova V.B.

In present study examines the role of exercise in people's lives over the historical development of mankind and the significance of physical activity for the modern man, prone adinamii.

The relevance of the study is to address various aspects of aging. This paper analyzes the current approaches to the understanding of aging and rejuvenation, and outlines the basic concepts. Specific is paid to the effects of replacing manual labor on the human mental in the context of physical activity.

This study has the following objectives: to study the aging process, to determine the role of physical activity in the aging process. It is necessary to analyze the concept of "aging" and try to understand what factors influence this process before discussing the issue of rejuvenation.

Aging is a biological process of the gradual infringement and loss of important functions of the body or parts of it, in particular the ability to reproduce and regenerate. Due to aging the body is less adapted to the conditions of his environment, and reduces the ability to withstand injury and disease. Getting older the human body undergoes physiological changes that are primarily manifested in the reduction of biological functions, as well as the ability to adapt to metabolic stress that occurs on a background of behavioral and psychological changes. There is a deterioration in the overall health and, therefore, the middle-aged people are characterized by greater vulnerability to disease, primarily associated with a decrease in the effectiveness of the immune system. [3].

All existing theories of aging can be divided into two groups: a theory based on the random damage cells, and evolutionary theory.

According to evolutionary theories, aging is not a necessary feature of living organisms, but is a programmed process. Aging is expected to have appeared because of some of the benefits that it gives the population as a result of evolution.

On the contrary, the theory of damage suggests that aging is the result of a natural process of damage accumulation. Body tends to deal with these injuries, and as a result, there are differences in aging in different organisms as a result of varying the effectiveness of the fight.

Currently, the approach to aging, based on random cell damage, is set in the biology of aging. While some researchers continue to defend evolutionary theory, while others and not see the point of division on the theory of damage and evolutionary theory. [4]

For a long time scientists have been trying to find a "gene of premature aging" to combine and change the genes for the abolition of aging artificially. However, at the moment it has been failed to be detected. One thing is clear if a person has a risk of disease, which will lead to serious consequences, he will age before the other person who has no prerequisites for the development of this disease. [4].

The secret of rejuvenation and healing the body lies in the fact that young cells are characterized by high functionality and capabilities of plastic than the old.

In this case, the trained person body tends to have higher enzyme activity and the rate of metabolic processes, and reduction reactions occur much more intense. Since ancient times to the close of the last physical activity was accompanied by a person throughout his life. But over the last century mankind has changed the way of its existence, going with physical activity on mental, which led to adinamii.

However, it is impossible within one century to rebuild occurring inside the human body biochemical processes caused by total adynamia. Radical breakdown of biochemical reactions accompanied by incredibly fast "aging of the arteries" in the form of multiple sclerosis, because of which killed many young and old people. Therefore, all modern people is vital physical activity to prevent its aging and even premature death. [2].

With the lack of motor activity is a breach in the human neuro-reflex connections that were laid down by nature and secured during heavy physical activity. This leads to the regulation of the cardiovascular disorder, and many other systems, there is a metabolic disorder manifested development of degenerative diseases (arteriosclerosis, etc.).

For the body to function properly and maintain health at the right level, you need a certain dose of physical activity. There is such a thing as habitual physical activity, that is, an activity which is carried out every day in a life and professional work. Amount of exercise muscle work normally expressed as the energy consumption. The minimum value of the energy consumption per day is 12-16 MJ (depending on gender, age and body weight), go 2880- 3840 kcal. At the same time on the muscle activity required to spend not less than 5,0 9.0 MJ, or 1200 -1900 kcal; others provide energy maintaining the life and work of all organ systems [1].

Thus, a certain level of physical activity a day is needed to maintain the normal functioning of the body and to ensure longevity while respecting other basic norms of a healthy lifestyle.

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