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Home / Issues / № 3, 2017

Teaching science

Komogortceva T.V., Shirokov V.М.
In 2013, I, Komogortseva T. V., entrusted the place of Director of the municipal Autonomous comprehensive school № 20 of a name of Cyril and Methodius (Veliky Novgorod), one of the few municipal Orthodox schools of Russia. It was necessary to preserve the best that has been achieved by the staff of the school for the previous 15 years. And all these years, for 19 years, implemented a cooperation agreement with schools in the Novgorod diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The original idea of Orthodox-oriented school that is the school of equal opportunities, in which children are gifted and normal, children with disabilities, children from disadvantaged, large families, low-income, wealthy, affluent families go to school together. All this diversity unites families understanding the need for spiritual education.

In 2013, the school enrolled 207 children in nine grades, with grade 9 graduation was held with 15 students. Students who plan to study in institutions of higher education, traditionally, transferred to other schools where there is grade 10. "Ordinary" and "weak" (in terms of pedagogical practice) the children were clearly presented, but the standouts were very few.

When the class leaves children with academic and intellectual acuity in children with low motivation have less examples of a positive attitude to study. The second condition of success is to assist in identifying difficulties in learning and to identify ways of overcoming them.

This is a very long and difficult journey, here are a few of the episodes, which I hope will help you understand what we're doing along the way.

Episode one, the work of child-adult community.

One of the attempts to change the worldview of children has become "a Volunteer Orthodox camp on the basis of the Svyatoozerskaya Valday Iversky Bogoroditsky monastery". For 7 years, two times in the year 10 children with head went to the convent, 2-4 hours a day working together with the monks, and conducted sports and cultural events. In the winter the guys were skiing and sledding and in summer swam in the lake.

Since 2013, students of the school № 20 of a name of Cyril and Methodius, three times a year go to the monastery of groups of 25-30 people and two groups of 10 people.

While staying in the Orthodox camp on the basis of the Svyatoozerskaya Valday Iversky Bogoroditsky monastery students are introduced to the special world and unusual way of life, they receive invaluable moral and work experience. Communication and working together with adults, building relationships in the team and adapting to the regime of the day in the monastery allow to form active life position of students, promote the inculcation of Orthodox values of its people form the ability to work in a child-adult team, enrich social interaction skills.

Episode two, working with parents.

One of the components of the Orthodox-focused environment is to work with parents. Interactive parent meetings in the classrooms has caused difficulty, as the school has its own characteristics, for example, a large number of large families - about 30% of the total population (97 students in the school are educated in 42 families), so parents have difficulty in choosing which class to go to the meeting. Decided to change the form of holding all-school meetings. For example, the parent Assembly was on the theme "As the appearance of the student affects his health and schooling". Yes, clothes and health are connected. And the cry of one mom: "And his force?" was not left without attention. Again, the help of parents from each of the table 2 - 3 tips what to say to a teenager in such a situation, how to convince.

Episode three, the education of teachers.

The main responsible for everything that happens in the school, believe teachers. In my opinion, at the present stage little attention is paid to education of teachers. Regional Znamenskie educational readings, in my opinion, fills this niche. They are at our school for 14 years, this meeting of like-minded people. The conference was attended by prominent scientists in the field of pedagogy, Philology, history, theology, the best teachers of the country, winners of the national contest "teacher of the year", regional and national stages of the contest "For the moral feat of a teacher" the clergy, teachers and leaders of urban and rural schools. In the framework of the Readings the teachers acquainted with new pedagogical ideas, but also with the achievements and discoveries of other human Sciences. Teachers visit exhibitions, performances, concerts of sacred music.

For me the main difficulty and the main purpose of the job to provide full intellectual, spiritual, moral and physical development of each student, each teacher.

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