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Home / Issues / № 1, 2014

Philosophical sciences

Dedyulina M.A.
         The problem of understanding the future of man in the world Hi-Tech has long been discussed as philosophers and scientists who are the creators of these technologies. In this report, we will try to find out is whether or not the people, which-fiction writers determine how Humanity +. System Modulora is used as the classic idea of the proportions of buildings with people who live in them. And if you look at the current developments in the field of high technology, it turns out that these ideas have moved into the world of technology. For  example, Sterledeva T. [1, p. 164-172] believes that using artificial and virtual reality in society lays the Foundation for the construction of a new form of existence. It consists of “environment” and “type medium type of substratum of consciousness”. The author believes that “the following options are available for the combination of these components. First option: environment-biological, human consciousness is a biological medium that is the human body. Second option: environment- technosphere, consciousness is a biological substrate. The third option: environment-biological, media awareness-techniques (cyborgs). The fourth option environment - technosphere carrier - cyborg ... The third and fourth options correspond to the second phase of the information society”[1, c. 165]. In the second step possible moves to the level informosfery. “Kiborgs, in turn, may exist in various fields; first - in the physical and natural world; secondly, - in technosphere (e.g. at the factory); thirdly - in EVR” [1, c. 165 ]. Sterledeva believes that in the first case the cyborg - a person having an artificial corporeality and living in a world of people and accordingly, subject to the laws of nature and society. In the second case, it is the world of digital rights. The third option is that people can simultaneously is in the previous two states depending on the desires [1, c. 165]. Confirmation of the first case is the appearance of the world's first bionic man. “The 185-centimetric robot carries out 60-70 % of functions of a human body, can stand, sit, as well as go owing to walking device Rex which is used, as a rule, by people with heavy traumas of a backbone. In addition, the bionic man have a heart capable of using electronic pump siphoned the synthetic blood and oxygen transport. The kidneys perform dialysis-implants. Inverse image of the bionic man - 36-year-old social psychologist at the University of Zurich, who was born without a left hand, Berthold Maier, who wears a bionic prosthesis. Face Robot created by 3D-scans his face” [2]. Thus, article American educator Marc Prensky [3] states that modern youth, playing on the computer, e-mail, Internet, cell phones and text messages are becoming commonplace and an essential attribute. The third option  that is what has been called “cyber-space”. “In the cyber places you can feel the other, almost to be with them, not physically moving and moving physical objects. Cyberspace, so - hybrids network bits of information about human settlement on the cyberspace”[4, p. 12]. In the context of our reflections, interesting concept of the philosopher of science Ihde D. In his understanding of technology he believes that modern experimental science is implemented using tools that are changing our perception [5, c. 4-5]. Studying technology, Ihde D, first, reduces them to a set of existing artifacts, in the basis of a phenomenological definition of technology Heidegger, and secondly, the technology in this case is the main core of the relationship between man and his environment, and thirdly, artifacts are included in the practice and form an integral part of the life of every culture of the world. Hi-Tech is embedded in the way of life of this man, by the inclusion of his mind and body in the world of new technologies, and thirdly, modern gamers now live in a networked space and the world of mobile technology, and fourthly, “human +” as an imaginary model becomes insight as to the media, and everyday life; fifthly, this “human +” can help the society to survive in the conditions of global catastrophes.

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