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Marketing orientation of the regional market of consulting services at a stage of innovative transformations
Rozdolskaya I.V., Ledovskaya M.E.
Global changes in the modern economy, which are showed in the informatization development, international competition and as the factor of an innovative vector of development of the Russian economy determine priority of certain large-scale directions and the phenomena which are capable to provide high level of functioning of its infrastructure, and, it is necessary to notice, not only according to modern requirements, but also long-term prospects. In our opinion, the market of consulting services is one of such directions-phenomena.

Formation of the domestic market of consulting services is influenced by various factors associated with the development of market relations and business processes. As well as any social and economic phenomenon the market of consulting services has the unique features and advantages. It is possible to claim with a certain degree of confidence that today the given sphere is one of priority for the Russian economy, despite the lack of development and low growth rates.

With integration of Russia into modern market economic conditions there was a need for the accelerated development of such spheres as finance, marketing, strategic management, etc. Specialists who have mastered them, became not only professionals in their activities, but became popular as consultants.

Efficiency of consulting services is defined by existence skilled and qualified personnel, their high competence. The great value is got by such properties of the personnel of the consulting companies, as: aiming at result, efficiency, multiposition of the consultant, professionalism, confidentiality, responsibility, creative thinking, development of business communication skills.

Now  the spectrum of services Russian consultants and the range of problems solved by consulting, is quite wide.

The main ways to promote consulting services are: the use of direct marketing and relationship marketing , reviews and links corporate clients, presentations and workshops , social advertising in specialized print media , the Internet advertising , print ads, banner ads and spam ​​mailing, address mailing,  writing articles in various scientific journals, blogs, organization and participation in special events ( presentations and workshops ), joint ventures, " cold calls ", i.e. calls to the company without prior arrangement and available contacts.

Considering the regional aspect of the consulting services market , it should be noted that in the Belgorod region, it is not sufficiently capacious, but considering that the innovative infrastructure of the Belgorod region is represented by production technological, information and expert consulting, financial and scientific educational components, it tends to development.

Modern realities taking place primarily in the domestic economy, politics and social spheres  promote revitalization from the consultants and their proper response to the changes. Therefore, as the main trends in the development of consulting services market , in our opinion , should determine the development of various sectors and types of consulting services depending on developing requirements of economy.

Thus, the uncertainty and complexity of both external and internal environment causes increased demand for consulting services and it is quite obvious. In this regard, consulting generates an adequate economic environment demand system consulting services. Situational features consulting services market consist in the lack of rapid growth of these topical, conforming to requirements to modern realities businesses.

Based on the foregoing, we can confidently assert that in modern conditions, one of the major trends consulting industry, as the results of research is the integration. From all types and types of consulting the most notable practical results are yielded by integrated consulting which application brings a number of the most significant results. These are,  first of all, increase of efficiency, stability and profitability of the organizations; the successful solution of specifically designated problems in the field of management and business, improving the efficiency of the organization's personnel, the formation of professionally trained management team, the formation and development of effective innovative corporate culture of the organization, reduction of conflict and tension in the collective and creation of favorable social and psychological climate, etc.

Diversity of the factors affecting the situation, causes these trends and allows to search for ways to further develop the market of consulting services and HR consulting in particular.

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Rozdolskaya I.V., Ledovskaya M.E. Marketing orientation of the regional market of consulting services at a stage of innovative transformations. International Journal Of Applied And Fundamental Research. – 2014. – № 1 –
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