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Home / Issues / № 3, 2016

Sociological Science

Promotion of vegetarianism means PR
Goryacheva O.N.

In sales of food products traditionally used the following methods: organization and execution of special events (special events) - presentations, exhibitions, round tables, conferences and external initiative, etc.; crisis communications (diagnostics, crisis response, information support of "unpopular"); management of sponsorship and charity projects of the programme "social responsibility"); media relations (organization of press-conferences, briefings, press tours, accommodation and control of the media); corporate PR (organization of trainings and corporate events, development of corporate culture, corporate magazine).

These methods are applicable for the promotion of the vegetarian store, but also takes into account the specifics of the target audience. Summarizing the results of the study of Russian vegetarian audience, you can come to the conclusion that it is mainly young women with higher education, established a family and do not belong to the traditional faiths.

In Russia, the main channel of promotion of vegetarian products is the Internet, and more specifically, social networks. There are groups devoted to these goods or services, which are laid out promotional materials, but mostly it's just pictures of products. In the design of the products is observed using either of the youth a minimalist design, for example, bars "Bite" that raw foods "365 detox, either natural floral motifs, in the promotion of goods "VolkoMolko" vegetable sausage "Higher taste", and "Malika".

It is important to promote vegetarian and clearance of goods, as a rule, using shades of green, symbolizing nature, green and health. Michael Hoxter stresses that green marketing is focused on the development of new products and internal reorganization necessary for access to organic food and eco-friendly way of doing business. "Green" marketing strategies in the promotion of vegetarian products is based on popularization of the ideas of ecology and healthy lifestyle, a sensible approach to food choices.

In Russia the concept "ecologically clean product" is only part of the lexicon of ordinary people and legislators. This is related to different interpretations of the phrase. Standards of eco - products are only beginning to be formulated, difficult process and the lack of legislative regulation on this issue is not developed appropriate labeling.

In Russia the development of the vegetarian movement has its own characteristics, therefore, about the organization of commercial and PR activities vegetarian store you need to consider that the basic ideas of the movement are centered around ethics, health and ecology. Vegetarian shops often presented mini-markets on the basis of the vegetarian cafes or restaurants, where special attention is paid to the composition of the products and desires of customers when purchasing.

Given that the promotion is aimed at raising consumer awareness about the company, the formation of a stable image and encourage consumer choices when making purchasing decisions, required the constant work of a PR expert.

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